Customer Care

We are always striving to achieve best practice in all the contracts we undertake.  The focus on quality of workmanship and overall service improves our day to day operations and best practice for our customers.

When carrying out our work we are always ready to listen to the customer should they not be happy with any aspect or require something to be done differently we will always try to agree a mutually acceptable alternative.  The main focus is on the customer and their complete satisfaction.

To enhance our policy we strive to deliver the following:
Ensure that customers are informed at all stages by effective communication
Ensure that all employees and sub-contractors are experienced in working in occupied premises and treat the premises as if it was their own home.
Ensure that a get it right first time culture is engendered into the staff aiming for zero defects at all times.
Ensure that a quality product is delivered within budget
Ensure that dates and target times are achievable and ensure that customers are not inconvenienced longer then necessary.
Be considerate to the neighbourhood whilst working on the premises.
Deliver the contract safely in accordance with our Health & Safety Policy, Risk Assessments and Method Statements.
We ensure that all our customers are informed of all our procedures ascertaining that these are suitable to all involved regardless of age, language, disability, race and religion.

 When the works are completed we will ensure that the customer is completely satisfied with the quality of the workmanship. 





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